Allied Arts Calendar

Sep 2015
8:00 PM
OSU Allied Arts presents Las Cafeteras, a band that creates a vibrant musical fusion with a unique east LA sound and a community focused political message. This group is comprised of immigrant children who are remixing roots and telling modern day stories through poetry and song. Join us Friday at the Seretean Concert Hall for this amazing concert. Tickets can be purchased online at tickets....
Oct 2015
5:00 AM
Come and watch female OSU students compete in this wonderfully executed scholarship pageant. Tickets available at
Oct 2015
9:00 PM
OSU Allied arts is proud to bring "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" performed by the Aquila Theatre to Oklahoma State University. The legendary sleuth, Sherlock Holmes, takes the stage in this witty, fast-paced production by the acclaimed Aquila Theatre. The clever detective maneuvers the twisted web of London's most intriguing cases with his split second deductions revealing...
Nov 2015
8:00 PM
OSU Allied Arts presents Rhythmic Circus, a talented group packing a trunk full of tap shoes, funky costumes and a big brass band to give audiences an upbeat, energized explosion of music, arts and culture. From Minneapolis, audience members can expect nothing less than this seven-piece funk band to accompany each tap, shuffle and stomp with a clang, riff and refrain. This will be a spectacular...
Jan 2016
8:00 PM
OSU Allied Arts is proud to bring Broadway's Next H!T Musial to a stage in Stillwater. There's nothing better than a spontaneous evening of music, humor and laughter. Enjoy this group of musically inclined, comedic improvisers as they create a unique musical before your very eyes. Get ready to laugh!
Feb 2016
8:00 PM
OSU Allied Arts presents these two iconic folk musicians. Step back into a forgotten, much simpler era with Blind Boy Paxton and Frank Fairfield. Their partnership blossoms beautifully on stage as they play a variety of instruments and share soulful vocals. This will be an intimate and memorable affair. Tickets can be purchased online at or through the Allied Arts office.
Apr 2016
8:00 PM
OSU Allied Arts presents ETHEL & Robert Mirabal. Concluding a cross-cultural community art experience across campus and the Allied Arts Season, is the eloquent sound of quartet ETHEL accompanied by GRAMMY award-winning Native American flute player, Robert Mirabal. Tickets are available online at